Dvelup Auto for the Pro.

Dvelup International primarily operates in the Automotive Reconditioning business.

Venturing into new applications and processes for the automotive industry set us apart from other companies. We take the challenge.
Creating one of a kind high performing car products for different markets and demands has always been our interest..
We manufacture, formulate, pack and ship our products in Hernando Florida USA.
Our products are well known and recognized on a global platform by our customers.
We have succeeded because our products have been tested and proven to work with real results and easy applications. We performed in house testing and field testing too.
Our reconditioning products proved to be work exactly as we knew they would.
Our products provided a new avenue to repair, restore and be profitable. Easy applications with a professional appearance in shorter time equaled a viable business requiring less training, less effort and superior results.
Our high quality performing products do the work for you while growing your profit margin.
We only use the highest grade chemical compounds for each application.
We’re mindful of quick turn around time because time is money.
Great results equal more customers.


BioxShield Product News

BIOXSHIELD PROTECTANT- 90 DAY+ for Interior Surfaces

Protect Surfaces:Micro thin layer protects soft and hard surfaces.

  • An invisible coating protecting hard surface against wear, staining and odors.
  • Formulated to protect hard surfaces for up to 90 days or longer.
  • Treatment time in as little as 5 minutes including OdorXout application.
  • http://www.dvelup.com, enhancecar.com.