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    Dvelup Color Enhancer
    Color Enhancer
    Isn’t it frustrating when you have to use one product for paint defects then find and switch to another from your toolbox for faded plastic? You won’t have to worry about that any more. Our Color Enhancer products works on either paint defects or faded plastic. Color Enhancer (CE) restores color by infusing a polymer coating into an area of plastic which enhances the color that still exists under the damaged area.
    Textured automotive plastics may become weathered or stained leaving them looking faded, blotchy or striped. Various detail dressings may bring back the new look but only for a few weeks. Many dressings are also greasy and can come off on clothes or make a step slippery and unsafe.
    CE cures to a long lasting dry finish. CE penetrates to restore below the surface while protecting with a new plastic surface and UV blockers.
    Use CE with CE Shiner to minimize defects such as scratches, sap and bug damage.
    CE for paint defects is recommended for those familiar with auto paint care. Using CE properly will restore color to defects that have not scarred below the clear coat.

    Check out our catalog and find the superior products you need. click on the link above or visit


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