Dvelup – Work Smarter Not Harder! – Home – Automobile Headlight, Paint and Plastic Restoration

Dvelup – Work Smarter Not Harder! – Home – Automobile Headlight, Paint and Plastic Restoration

via Dvelup – Work Smarter Not Harder! – Home – Automobile Headlight, Paint and Plastic Restoration.

Dvelup Newsletter – Issue



For the month of October I decided to write about a few different topics.


Lets keep it interesting.


I would like my newsletter readers to know a little about our company. Let’s start with location. Dvelup is located in Florida. Most people love to vacation in sunny Florida for it’s famous beaches, excellent diving, fishing, weather and two beautiful coast to pick from. Dvelup relocated to Hernando Florida over a year ago.


We are located by what is known as “The Nature Coast.” Plenty of fishing, nature trails, swimming, manatees to see, biking and famous springs where people from all over the world come to see and swim.


Those who work at Dvelup are from different backgrounds, cultures, cities and towns. Some of us work full time, some work part time others are seasonal. Our work ethics are to work hard, be honest, practice being kind, take pride in what we do, and have fun.


We do like getting things right the first time and to reinforce this type of thinking we keep things “Simple”. At Dvelup we all work together as a team.


Our focus has always been to bring futuristic products into the restoration industry now. We continue manufacturing products that go beyond the bar yet have competitve pricing.


Dvelup customers are world wide, from many different backgrounds and industries. We have customers that are vendors, distributors, individuals, female and male. Some are starting a new business, some are adding on to their existing business.


All are treated as VIP’s.


Some have asked about the companies name and how it came about, let’s face it ….. it is spelled alittle different. Lots of brainstorming and disagreemants but in the end we wanted a name we could brand as different and a name that would stand for the company and what it is constantly producing or developing……… new and better auto reconditioning products.


We want to thank customers who searched and wrote and asked about Dvelup in forums and blogs because you played a big role in branding our name.


We manufacture, fill and package our own products. Most of our packaging is done in Hernando and some in Tampa. Lots of care and love goes behind every order sent out. Orders are checked twice for accuracy. Most all orders go out the same day . Our customers are first priority and their orders alike. Techincal support is always available . We encourage our customers to call us with questions, concerns, ideas and compliments.


I hope knowing more about us allows you to have more insight into our world. On to another subject.


We get this question a lot:


What’s the difference between the 2 oz. 1 sealer and the two part sealer ? The difference is the 1sealer is premixed, just pour on your blue lint free towel and your ready , it is in a smaler bottle making it easier for traveling and storing, one bottle of the 1k sealer repairs 10 cars or 20 lenses , dries quick and keeps lenses from turning yellow for a longer length of time. Can be purchased with any kit .


Another ecleptic moment …………………………………


Dvelup will be at the Sema Show in November 2014, our booth # is 12484. Please stop by and visit us.


Tip of the day:


When preparing the headlight for restoration it is recommended that you spray your headlights with Yellow X first and let it sit for 30 seconds before attempting to sand the corrosion off.


That’s it folks.