Automotive Reconditioning

Automotive Reconditioning

Automotive reconditioning is used to renovate autos and make them new. When you buy a car, it will not remain in new condition due to normal wear and tear. However, it doesn’t mean you have to buy a new vehicle everytime your car gets dents, paint scratches, faded trim and other minor damages.

Automotive reconditioning industry helps you to renew your vehicle and give it an attractive look again. After your car is reconditioned, it will look just like a new one, and you can go for years without buying a new one.

Although your vehicle may not look exactly like a new one, there will be a huge difference, and you will enjoy the results. The automotive reconditioning industry has benefited car owners in several ways, which include:

Saving money

By reconditioning your old car, you save thousands of dollars. Although some people may see this as a costly activity, it cannot be compared with buying a new car. After your auto is reconditioned, you can extend its lifespan and the headlights lifespan by many years, and you will not have to dig into your pocket to buy a new car.


Dvelup Auto for the Pro.

Dvelup International primarily operates in the Automotive Reconditioning business.

Venturing into new applications and processes for the automotive industry set us apart from other companies. We take the challenge.
Creating one of a kind high performing car products for different markets and demands has always been our interest..
We manufacture, formulate, pack and ship our products in Hernando Florida USA.
Our products are well known and recognized on a global platform by our customers.
We have succeeded because our products have been tested and proven to work with real results and easy applications. We performed in house testing and field testing too.
Our reconditioning products proved to be work exactly as we knew they would.
Our products provided a new avenue to repair, restore and be profitable. Easy applications with a professional appearance in shorter time equaled a viable business requiring less training, less effort and superior results.
Our high quality performing products do the work for you while growing your profit margin.
We only use the highest grade chemical compounds for each application.
We’re mindful of quick turn around time because time is money.
Great results equal more customers.

BioxShield Product News

BIOXSHIELD PROTECTANT- 90 DAY+ for Interior Surfaces

Protect Surfaces:Micro thin layer protects soft and hard surfaces.

  • An invisible coating protecting hard surface against wear, staining and odors.
  • Formulated to protect hard surfaces for up to 90 days or longer.
  • Treatment time in as little as 5 minutes including OdorXout application.

How to make your Dent Repair Business more Profitable??

Dvelup Professional

What is Dent Repair?

How can my mobile repair service be more profitable?

How can my mobile repair service be more profitable?

What is covered in this article:

  1. What is Dent Repair?
  2. Are there Dvelup products for paintless dent removal technicians?
  3. What other car repair services could be offered using Dvelup Reconditioning Products?
  1. What is Dent Repair?
    Have you ever heard of Dent Repair companies? You probably have if your in the business of paintless dent removal, mobile paint car repair, mobile car interior repair or similar services such as mobile detailing, wheel repair or headlight restoration for auto dealerships. Dent Removal companies are a service based company that offer paintless dent repair, wheel repair, paint repair, and interior repair. Dent removal companies such as Dent Wizard employ more then 2700 people. The average technician salary for this company is $61,000 a year. Their estimated annual revenue currently is $417 million. So it appears this industry is profitable and worth your every effort. If your are a competing business owner it’s good to know your competition. It helps to know what to pay your techs if you are expanding. Whether you’re a technician employed by dent removal companies such as Dent Wizard or an independent paintless dent removal business owner you will find the this article of interest to you as it answers the question:
  2. How can my mobile car repair service be more profitable?#.
  3. Are Dvelup Products a fit for the paintless dent removal technicians?

Yes they are!

Have you ever made a special trip for just one customer to find there is also a minor scratch inside the dent? So now the dealer decides he needs to have it refinished instead. You lost time and money! Now what? Well I’m sure you agree dents are not always free of paint scratches. Lets find a way to recover your money and time. Look to Dvelup Auto Reconditioning Products.

Dvelup’s Solution for Scratch Repair & Micro Cracking: “Color Enhancer”

Color Enhancer fills in minor clear coat scratches making the repair easy, quick and professional. Best of all anyone can apply color enhancer to any color car. Color Enhancer is a simple to use application, just wipe-on and wipe off excess.
Using Color Enhancer along with touch up will make for a quick fix so you can move on to the next money maker!

Lets think about another scenario that can put a dent in your pocket:

Have you occasionally started removing a dent and all seems well until you notice micro cracks forming with every push of the dent tool. This usually occurs in high metallic colors. These micro cracks may be so tiny that you can’t feel them but only see little white checks.

Solution : A quick wipe with Color Enhancer will help you make the decision to proceed with repairing the car dent or not. When the dent repair is done simply wipe-on Color Enhancer and wipe-off, then move on to the the next money maker! For product information you can visit

  1. What other car repair services could be offered by a paintless dent removal company or individual?

Here are some great profit centers to raise your bottom line.

Dvelup Headlight Restoration:
Solutions include Yellow X which quickly loosens the corrosion on the lens and provides a stronger bond for our HL Sealer. Our wipe-on HL Sealer renews the lens to pristine clarity while providing protection from the elements. There is no masking, spraying or cleaning up from buffing so the job is quick allowing you to move on to the next money maker!

Odor Removal:
OdorXout penetrates deep into fabric, leather and carpet to break down the source of foul odors. It is safe for AC intakes and ducts. Minimal time spent with the average car taking 5 minutes to treat so you can move on to the next money maker!

Plastic Trim Restoration: ColorNu renews the faded plastic by penetrating the oxidation with new polymers and forming a crosslinked coating on the surface. ColorNu is an easy wipe-on formula so you can move on to the next money maker!

Paint Touch-up:
Dvelups Smooth Shine is a must product for any paint enthusiast. Its a base paint additive that allows paint to flow and dry glossy.

Touch Up:

Our Precision Pen is the only pen that allows you to fill in paint scratches and chips with precision.
Perfectly fill in damaged areas even smaller than .5 millimeters. for a superior application.
Color Enhancer along with touch up will make for a quick fix so you can move on to the next money maker!

Buy Dvelup Auto Products for the Professional dent repair guy or company today and make your mobile car repair service more profitable.

Dvelup – Better, Faster, Stronger Solutions for Auto Restoration and Detailing.
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Have you heard of a Toothpaste Car Scratch Remover?

Toothpaste and Auto Scratch Repair.

Dvelup Guidance

Does a “toothpaste” car scratch remover sound strange? Because of rising car scratch repair costs many are looking for an alternative solution. You may have seen people using toothpaste for car scratches on YouTube. Some people have seen these videos and ran quickly out to their cars, their pride and joy to try it out with varying results. So why does it not always work?

We will cover that in this article by answering a few questions:

1. Does any type of toothpaste qualify as a “Toothpaste Car Scratch Remover”?
2. How does the severity of the scratch effect the outcome?
3. What is the #1 reason why you SHOULD NOT use toothpaste for car scratches?

1. Does any type of toothpaste qualify as a “Toothpaste Car Scratch Remover”?

Some toothpaste types may work better than others. You may have noticed some toothpaste is grittier than others. Toothpaste that advertises “teeth whitening” may have more grit in it. Toothpaste works because it is abrasive. Automotive compounds and polishes work the same way. They remove some of the clear coat to remove the scratch. So Yes, any toothpaste for car scratches may work but some are better than others and really it depends on the severity of the scratch. Let’s cover that now.

2. How does the severity of the car scratch effect the outcome of using a toothpaste remover?

Scratches can be categorized into 3 degrees of severity. There are deep scratches, surface scratches and scuff marks. These three are hard to tell apart when watching a YouTube video. You can simply just polish with toothpaste and see what happens but a little foreknowledge may help since toothpaste on car scratches doesn’t work in every situation.

Deep Scratches:

A deep Scratch is damage that has gone through the clear coat and exposed the color coat or even gone deeper. Toothpaste may help soften the visibility of the scratch but often it doesn’t help. In order to tell if a scratch is a deep scratch you can run you finger nail across the surface and if it catches it’s a deep scratch.

Surface Scratches:

These are just in the clear coat. If you run your finger nail across it and your nail does not catch then it should be a surface scratch. Here you may have some success removing the paint scratches with toothpaste.

Scuff Marks:

Scuff marks aren’t scratches at all but may look like them. These are just material that has transferred from object that rubbed against your car. It’s just a mark on top of the clear coat but not into the clear coat. Tooth paste will work as remover but the right solvent may also. Sometimes you may have scuff marks and scratches together though.

3. What is the #1 reason why you SHOULD NOT use toothpaste for car scratches?

My professional opinion after working on vehicles for more than thirty years is toothpaste is an abrasive and you are removing some of your protective clear coat. The abrasive wears down the clear coat until you get to the bottom of the scratch. Of coarse if your vehicle is newer and never been polished before, you should have some clear coat to spare. But the danger is 2 fold. A thinner layer of clear coat means less UV blockers and inhibitors that protect your color coat from fading. Also if you remove to much clear coat with the toothpaste and get down to your color coat then the damage looks much worse and the only way to fix it is to have your vehicle re-painted. Even professional detailers can make this mistake and buff too far. So using toothpaste for car scratches may not be the best choice.

With rising car scratch repair costs would you like an alternative solution that has no abrasives?

Well We have it!

Headlight Restoration

Restore clarity and shine to cloudy weathered headlight lenses.
No masking, spraying or buffing required. The system includes 2 main products that make restorations fast and effective.
1. HL Coat, a wipe-on coating technology that repairs and protects weathered headlights.
2. Yellow X, a yellow extracting cleaner that doubles as an adhesion promoter for HL Coat.
Yellow X will make corrosion removal easier. HL Coat wipes on easy and self levels to a perfect finish. Automotive grade UV blockers protect for long lasting protection. Restored headlight not only increase light output but correct directional beam and decrease glare to oncoming drivers. Over 1 million headlights have been restore with this system. HL-Pro-Essentials-w-clam-HL-COAT-copy-300x214 (1)Dvelup Has A New E-Store

Dvelup Has A New E-Store

via Dvelup Has A New E-Store

In an effort to provide you with a better online experience, Team Dvelup would like to introduce a simple way to shop our Dvelup products at Happy Shopping.

The E-Store at will retire in the near future. If you have an online account, no worries, you will be able to log in to your account at

As always you can reach us at 888-350-2932 or

Enhance car

Dvelup Has A New E-Store

Dear Clients,

In an effort to provide you with a better online experience, Team Dvelup would like to introduce a simple way to shop our Dvelup products at

Happy Shopping.

The E-Store at will retire in the near future. If you have an online account, no worries, you will be able to log in to your account at our new E-Store,

As always you can reach us at 888-350-2932 or

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